Soul expression, emotional exchange, connection, rhythm and harmony. These represent but a few of the characteristics of Koa’s music. Koa strives to keep thier sound fresh and evolving. They draw inspiration from life experiences, their imagination, and a myriad of different music genres to create their unique sound. Koa writes original music which gives their sound its unique flavor. Connection with their audience is a critical component and consideration during the songwriting process. Koa lives to create and connect with others through music.

Koa Phoenix is a self-taught musician from Vermont who started playing guitar at the tender age of 13. Koa began writing songs long before they picked up the guitar. As a child, Koa learned the foundations of music on trumpet and listened to a diverse mix of music while growing up. Because Koa’s roots lie in the Dominican Republic, they grew up listening to Merengue, Bachata, Julio Iglesias, and Tom Jones. Koa’s mother, a seventh-generation Vermonter, loved Meatloaf, Genesis, John Denver, Cindy Lauper, and many others. Koa was privileged to have grown up next to a Classic Rock lover.

Koa says their music is created in cooperation with a force much larger than themselves. Koa draws from life experiences and diverse musical backgrounds to create what you hear today. Koa is always learning and enjoys connecting with listeners.

For Koa, the shared experience is what it is all about. The silent transfer of emotion. There is something sacred in that.

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